Despite patches of blue throughout a blustery and rainy day on 9 April, I looked out at around 5:30 pm and noticed a romantically dramatic dark sky to the north and east of my house.

Figure 1. Scranton evening sky, 9 April 2022. Photo: author.

The drama is in the dark, central clouds. The ascending diagonals in the cloud formation liven the dark upper right half, and contrast with the descending line of the hillside. The prickly naked branches of the trees, softened by application of the Orton effect, offer a pleasing contrast to the softer structures of the sky behind them. Though it was early spring, the sky had more the flavor of the Scranton winter about it.

Nikon Z 7ii with Nikkor Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 lens.

Figure 1: 75 mm, f/8, ISO 200, 1/640 s.

Editing was a two-stepper. First in Luminar Neo to take advantage of its powerline erasure AI, and then (exported as a tiff) to Luminar AI, which has operational masking tools to adjust things here and there and apply the Orton effect.

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A college professor living in Scranton, PA

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